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1.  Before you show up, please go to and fill out the consent form for your tattoo. This will save time on your appointment day and is required for every tattoo, regardless if you have been here before or not. You will be required to fill out some basic information along with providing a picture of your valid ID. If you are unable to fill this out before your appointment, you will be asked on site, so remember to bring ID with you. You must be 18+ (unless arranged otherwise).

2. EAT! Do not show up to your appointment with an empty stomach. If even you're not hungry, try and eat something and bring some snacks if you want. Getting a tattoo can be draining, you will need food in your stomach else it’s bound to hurt more and be less of a pleasant experience.

3. DO NOT SHOW UP HERE SICK/ WITH COVID-19.  It doesn't matter if you've tested negative, been vaccinated 20 times, recently quit smoking, have allergies, whatever. Please do not show up to your appointment unless you are healthy and free of sickly symptoms. You will not lose your deposit if you need to reschedule due to coming down with, or dealing with issues arising from Covid-19.


4. Please let me know if you plan on bringing any guests. Up to two guests (MAX) are welcome to join you. However, please know that this is a single-room, private studio so I wish to avoid anything more then 4 people in the studio at any one time.

5. Guests/clients who are under the influence of any kind will be asked to leave/reschedule.

6. Please don't bring small children to the studio as they can, and usually are, a distraction to the process. I want to concentrate on nothing but giving you a quality tattoo.

7. Remember to wear appropriate clothes. Dirty work clothes are not advised. If you are getting a shoulder or back tattoo, perhaps think about a tank top. If you're getting a leg tattoo, think about wearing shorts and not jeans. My studio is 100% private, so what is worn during the session is less of the issue, but I do want to throw caution for what is worn when you leave. White shirts on a hot day with a fresh black tattoo don't mix etc. Also think about your bed sheets as the first night can sometimes leave souvenirs.

8. Please update me of any scheduling changes by texting 480.360.2017. If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, just let me know. I'm very flexible and will always try to be as accommodating as I can (as long as it is outside 24 hours of your appointment). Any deposit/design fee you have submitted will be applied to your new appointment. (IMPORTANT REMINDER - If you fail to show up to your scheduled appointment without proper notification, your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to secure a new appointment. This forfeiture is to make up for the efforts I have made to meet you, along with making up for the time that I could have filled the seat with another client.  It is not my goal to drain your deposit from you, and I will always try and work with you if given notification, but I want to avoid being stood up at all costs.)

9. All tattoo sessions include the use of Bactine numbing spray for your convenience. (Why have it hurt more then it needs to.) Bactine includes Lidocane numbing agent and it is mixed in with my green soap to help take the burn out of the process, and it is also used during certain stages of the tattoo. It is a service not many shops offer, but if you would like this not to be used, please inform me beforehand. You will be provided with an A&D aftercare packet after your tattoo, so there is no need for you to buy anything further. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions after your session is complete.

10. Shaving your skin before your appointment (where you plan to get your tattoo) is appreciated, but not necessary.

11. My studio is located at 10566 E. Flossmoor Ave. Mesa, Az 85208. You will see my black SUV parked out front. Come to the door on the side of the building, in front of my car. Do not go to the front door.​​

12. I look forward to working with you. Please text me at 480.360.2017 if you get lost or have any further questions.

480.360.2017 (text)



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