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CFI Blog #001 - FInally getting started



1.4 hours

So I've been up 4 or 5 times with my instructor now, couple times on my own, and I guess up until this point has ended being a lot about re-introduction and getting polished on the basic stuff like the radio talk and preflight stuff.... getting to know the area again, getting to know a new plane and honoring their way of doing things etc. Memorizing frequencies and doing paper weight and balances. I've also spent a massive amount of time reorganizing my place at home, getting all my gear together in a place where I can access it quickly...stored, have a place to charge crap, spare stuff ready to go....idea being that the night before a flight isn't some chaotic jamboree of looking for stuff and making a big mess this neglecting to do things like keep up with the weather. I've lengthened my preflight procedures cause I've been messing around with my go-pros.....probably too much. (I guess I'm just not sure what to do with the footage just yet. Probably time I leave them mostly out of the mix for now and just finish this thing. ) But I also have a nice setup with all that crap ready to go along with mounts in a big box organzier etc.

Been flying the 172 this whole time. ...yea...I'm far into this thing, but it really feels like I'm just now beginning considering all the pre-work that had to be done. And of course I've added more work to my plate with this Air Defense program....its been hard to concentrate on so many things at once, while trying to get to tattoo clients as well. The first thing was the writen test. Got that out of the way. After that its been a slow task of actually coming to understand what I actually need to teach....and then combining it with Air Defense which will include video, interactivity, and solving some issues I've had with the training process. For the student its just a big presentation so I've had to put together an entire online sylibus and build the website around it at the same time. All still in construction, but getting closer. I've put a lot of time here so far....more attention into this than actually flying. I've just been going up to stay in it...slowly learn...but doing this sylibus and site, building a home simulator, tatting, flying, hockey, rocket league lol ....just a lot going on. Its summer now, so of course its hotter and people only want to fly in the morning so of course the schedule is jam packed.....just slow progress.

I got to the infamous "what do you want to work on" finally....something I've heard many times in the past. Good for reasons that it allows the student freedom to learn at thier own pace and come clean with thier weaknesses. The beauty of flying part 61. Sometimes a fun flight is needed to break the stress....who knows. Theres the other half of me that says, whatever program should have that built into it....I wanna SEE what I need to work on. Need a graph with grades on it or something and a feedback system so students can see everything they're up against and track their progress along the way. For now, I made a real simple one on paper to show my instructor and now have to start out at the beginning. I've done a bunch of other stuff....but whatever...start at the beginning. I'm not up to standard on anything. The other day I was having trouble hitting Vy exactly on takeoff so I wanted to make sure I got that right. Seeing the guages from the right side is also kinda different and flying from the right seat has just been its own transition process. It just needs to be tighter.

So now that I've got written passed, syllabus mostly done, place organized, gear ready...I feel now I can begin concentrating on getting all these maneuvers down. I just had to get the bulk of all that off my plate first. I was spread way too thing. So today was just landings. Up and down, up and down. Boring, but important.

We stayed in the pattern today. Plenty of CAE broken english, but some is good for a laugh. Everybody had their panties in a bunch cause someone dropped a pair of foggles on the taxiway.

My biggest challenge right now is actually continuing to speak while I'm doing what I'm doing. I've always just been tought in the past, just fly the plane. I spoke when it was appropriate, but other than that I just flew. I also seem to have a habit now of, when I do speak, I tell it about 2 or 3 steps ahead. I'll be mindlessly doing what I'm supposed to be doing for initial approach, and then Ill already be talking about entering the pattern etc. Stuff like that. Its like teaching vs. explaining. Slightly different in this case.

Touchdowns were smooth...idk. Everything else was fine I guess. I almost went down the wrong taxiway...had to do a big wide turn lol

I need to get night current one of these nights. Just need to fly more for now.


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